Friday, July 08, 2005

And THAT's why I don't like ice cream...

The First Thursday of every month, South Congress stays open late. Booths go up w/ people selling clothes, crafts, whatever. Bands come out to play. I went down there w/ a couple of friends to hang out at Guero's. If you ever go down there, you should get a "Pinky Friedman". It's a drink, named after gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman, that they had on First Thursday 2 months ago, made of Tito's vodka, OJ, and cranberry I think. It's pretty good, but the main reason you should have one is so that Daniel won't be recognized as "that Pinky Friedman guy" anymore.

So, after a couple of drinks, we meandered down towards Amy's for some ice cream. As we got closer, the skies darkened. Lightning and thunder crashed in the distance. The wind started whipping up. We had just gotten to Amy's when the storm reached us. This was a true Texas thunderstorm, with both sound and fury. Huddling under a sun umbrella doesn't work (they can't stand up to the wind), so we had to run for it.

A sign? Is there a connection between ice cream the rain? It hasn't rained here in a long long time. What are the chances of being caught in a storm just steps away from getting ice cream? Maybe ice cream is too much fun for me. I didn't end up having any after all... Ice cream that is. I had plenty of fun.


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