Saturday, July 09, 2005

He's like a god to us people

Today, I saw Alton Brown. Live. In person. It was quite fortuitous that I happened to wake up a little earlier than I planned. My master plan for this morning was to go test out my new (used) golf clubs at the driving range at 10AM. Since I was awake early, I turned on the TV and there he was. At the Barton Creek Square Mall. See? Waking up early is good for you!

In case you don't know who Alton Brown is, he's a celebrity chef/FoodTV personality. He's known for his scientific approach towards cooking, explaining the chemistry and stuff that goes on behind the scenes. This has earned him the worship of geeks everywhere.

How do you eat a pie with your hands? Fry it of course! Posted by Picasa

At the mall, he gave a little demonstration on pies. Basically, he wanted to make a more democratic pie. One that he didn't have to share, and that could be eaten with his hands. The answer? Make it smaller, enclosed, and fried. Apparently, this is a Southern thing and he said he didn't even see the round pies that we know and love until later on in life. Overall, the demonstration was more entertaining than informative (what do you expect for only a couple minutes in the middle of the mall?), though I did pick up a couple of pointers.

Oh yeah, speaking of Alton, season 2 of Iron Chef America starts this weekend.


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