Monday, August 15, 2005

In for a penny

In for a farthing?

Today, on my way home, I saw someone riding a penny-farthing bike. How cool is that? Wish I had my camera on me.

For all y'all who don't know, a penny-farthing bike is the result of man's ingenuity, also known as "the need for speed". Back in the day, bikes didn't have gears. Someone had the bright idea that if you increased the size of the wheel to which the pedals were attached, you could increase the drive ratio, increasing the speed for the same rpms of pedalling. The size of the wheel was, of course, limited by the length of you inseam (ouch!). Anyways, we were going uphill, and I toasted him with my modern multi-geared bike. I would love to say that he looked like he was having more fun than me, but frankly, he looked a little tired and I got to see a penny-farthing bike today.

Ride on dude! Keep Austin weird.


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